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THE ONE WITH ALL THE EPISODES: 1.02 The One With the Sonogram at the End


Matt LeBlanc & Andrea Anders attend Emmys Performers Reception (2014)



True story my therapist told me it is 100% natural and healthy to have attachments to fictional characters, especially strong hero types because they may have flaws but in the end they always save the day and some people just need that constant positive force in their life.

You don’t understand how perfect this is.

Grey's Anatomy :)

Favourite Female: April Kepner 
Favourite Male: Derek
3 Other Favourite Characters: Mer,Joe and Addison
3 OTPs: MerDer,Japril and JoLex
Notp: Cristina and Ross,ewww
Funniest character: Cristina
Prettiest character: Mark and Arizona
Most Annoying Character:Ross,obviously
Most badass character:Alex 👌
Character I’d like as my BFF: Izzieeee
Female Character I’d Marry: none
Male Character I’d Marry: Derek 😍
Character I hate/dislike/least like: Ross again,but I also don’t like Leah
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I’m not with her, she’s just Monica! Ewwuck!

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  • Favourite Female:
  • Favourite Male:
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters:
  • 3 OTPs:
  • Notp: 
  • Funniest character:
  • Prettiest character:
  • Most Annoying Character:
  • Most badass character:
  • Character I’d like as my BFF:
  • Female Character I’d Marry:
  • Male Character I’d Marry:
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like:

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😋😋 (at Brasil Chá e Café-RJ)

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel in “Friends” (x)